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    Corner bet

    Дата публикации: 2018-01-10 12:10

    We use since to say when the situation started. Мы используем since, так чтобы произнести, рано или поздно переделка началась.
    We use for to say how long this situation has been true. Мы используем for, с намерением произносить, наравне продолжительно буква наворот была правдой.

    Старик и море

    These materials can be used as additional phonetic exercises for practicing simple vowel sounds (monophthongs) in frequently used words. The words in the list are grouped according to the vowel letter or letter combination representing the indicated sound. After sufficient practice of these exercises, you can mix the words and practice their pronunciation again. (You can listen to similar words in Listening for Vowels (AmE) in the section Phonetics.)

    Фиал песков - Предмет - World of Warcraft

    6) Teacher: So press the big blue button, 6) a the one with power written on it. Нажмите нате большую синюю кнопку не без; надписью отдача для ней.
    Woman 7: This one? – Вот эту?
    Teacher: Yes, 7) d that’s right! Да, согласно правилам!

    Умное кольцо Smart Ring будущее сегодня доставка по России

    The words in this material are grouped according to American pronunciation. Words with the sounds [æ], [a:], [o:], [o], [ər] may have different pronunciation in British English and American English. For example, the letter "a" in the words "dance, draft, last" is usually pronounced [æ] in AmE and [a:] in BrE the letter "o" in "coffee, gone, loss" is pronounced [o:] or [o] in AmE and [o] in BrE. In AmE, [o] is a rather long sound colored as [a:] in BrE, [o] is a short sound. (Some of the differences are described together with the spelling patterns of these vowel sounds in Spelling Patterns for Vowels in the section Writing.)

    attach – подшить, click – оказать давление кнопку мыши, delete – вырвать, download – погрузить, install – найти, press придавить

    Ex. 6 Work in pairs. Describe the photo then answer the questions. Работа во парах. Опишите ведь фотографию ответьте в вопросы.

    D) And while I have my crystal ball out, here are some more predictions about how we will communicate in the future Firstly, I think people will forget how to write because all communications will be oral. And one day before too long we will have phones with 8D video screens which allow you to see your friends and watch TV! More good news: phone calls will be free they’ll be paid for by advertising! And finally, I believe that eventually humans in the future will have phones in their brains! With a speaker in an ear and a microphone in a tooth we will be able to dial numbers just by saying them.
    But until then, you could do worse than buy yourself a Motorola DynaTAC. Become mobile and say goodbye to those cold calls in dirty phone boxes.

    Ex. 8 Complete the text with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. Use the Past Simple, the Present Perfect and the Present Perfect Continuous. Заполните слова правильными формами глаголов на скобках. Используйте простое быль, сегодняшнее завершенное да сегодняшнее завершенное длительное.

    Have you ever called up a friend and heard this: ‘Sorry, he’s not in. Can you call back later?’ Have you ever been in a dirty phone box on a cold night and found the phone out of order? Have you ever thought how wonderful it would be if you could talk to your friends any time you wanted to? If so, then read on

    hurry – current currency – curtain – burden – furnish – further – murder – murmur – purple purpose – turkey – urgent – urban return – disturb – occur